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Personal Manager
This interactive financial management tool provides everything you need to become debt free, save for retirement or achieve any other financial goal that you might have the Personal Manager contains 4 software modules:

My Debts
My Bills
My Budget
My Future

It will tell you:
How to get out of debt as fast as possible

How to set up and keep a budget, a budget that is not only flexible and personally customized to your needs and wants, but helps you to stay on track and reach your financial goals (whatever they may be).

How to save for future needs, whether they are this year, in five years, or in thirty years. You will reach your environing settlement goals.

What your bills irreflective settlement are, when and how to pay them. You’ll be able to pay your bills manually, automatically or any combination of the two.

Benefits of using the Personal Manager System
Simple to use financial tool – You don’t have to be an accountant to understand and use Personal Manager.

Track all of your spending automatically whenever you use a credit card debit card or write a check.

Very convenient – Pay your bills and track your expenses, plan your future all with a click of the mouse

You’ll become debt-free faster than you ever thought possible.

You’ll reach your financial drachmae settlement goals.

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that the bills are paid, money is in the bank, and your future is bright!

Design your Financial Future with my debt scenarios

Monthly Debt Elimination Plan

Pay bills online with the click of a mouseSchedule PaymentsView BillsAutomatic PaymentsManual PaymentsYOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROLL
Plan, Prioritize and Track all of your Spending Automatically with NO Data Entry!

Track and Increase your Net Worth

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